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2000-01 Sylvia Mohlmann

Sylvia Mohlmann

Ms Sylvia Mohlmann has been selected as the Outstanding Teacher for the Year for the Hope School District.  A graduate of East Stroudsburg University, with a degree in Biology, Mrs. Mohlmann joined the Hope faculty in 1987, teaching Science to Grades 5 through 8. Mrs. Mohlmann currently teaches 5th and 6th grade Science and Social Studies.

Mrs. Mohlmann's classes reflect her joy of teaching as seen in the enthusiasm from her students.  Whether the students are dissecting owl pellets. making games out of recycled materials, or constructing roller coasters, Mrs. Mohlmann is diligent in incorporating the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards into the student projects.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Mohlmann is an organist at the United Methodist Church in Belvidere, and is a Longaberger Basket consultant!