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2002-03 Charlene Cardinale

Charlene Cardinale

Mrs. Charlene Cardinale has been selected as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year for the Hope Township School District. A graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in Elementary Education, Mrs. Cardinale joined the Hope School Faculty in September, 2001, as the technology teacher and librarian. She currently teaches technology to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, and maintains the school library. Mrs. Cardinale is currently working towards her Masters degree.

Mrs. Cardinale’s classes reflect her joy of teaching computer skills to all students, as seen in the many projects ranging from Holiday Booklets, done by kindergarten and first grades, and autobiography power point presentations set to music, done by grades 7 & 8. Mrs. Cardinale was also instrumental in assisting an 8th grade student’s Eagle Scout project, where school identification tags with bar codes were created. These bar coded tags are used in the library when a student or teacher checks out a book.

As the Yearbook Advisor, Mrs. Cardinale meets regularly with 8th grade students, takes pictures of school events, and formats the yearbook. It is here where her technological expertise is evident in the final product.

Mrs. Cardinale resides in Morris County with her husband, Fred. Mrs. Cardinale volunteers teaching CCD religious instruction, and also teaches adults as part of the Morris and Warren County ETTC. She enjoys new gadgets of all kinds, spending time with her family and friends, and working/decorating her new home. Hope School is proud to have Mrs. Cardinale as a member of its teaching staff.