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2004-05 Joe Vliet

Hope Township School would like to congratulate Mr. H. Joseph Vliet
as our 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year!

School/District: Hope Township School
Education: Elementary Education
Teaches: Gr. 3 & 4: Science, Social Studies, Reading

In my 39 year career, I have taught every grade from 3rd to 8th. Each was a different and exciting experience. Being able to apply different techniques and strategies to the various grade levels has been very stimulating. Using new techniques, especially improvements in technology, to have students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their classes, have kept teaching challenging for me. Every student has something to contribute to the class. It is part of my job to find out what that is and to encourage the student to make the contribution. As I reflect on my long career in Hope, I will most fondly remember those ideas.

H. Joseph Vliet

Although he is a humble person who dislikes attention drawn to him, Mr. H. Joseph Vliet is truly an institution at Hope School for more than 3 decades. Mr. Vliet has taught most grade levels and over the years has been involved in many improvements at Hope School. Currently a grade 3 and 4 teacher of reading, science and social studies, he is genuinely concerned about each of his student’s progress as a learner and towards becoming a responsible person of good character. He is part-time drill sergeant, part-time learner, and full-time educator who is passionate about his students and the subject matters he instructs. He is a faculty leader in the use of technology, embracing new equipment and software. Mr. Vliet regularly has his young students create graphic presentations on their subject areas for parents and classmates. He is also an expert on the local history of Hope Township and authored research on the town. Students refer to his sense of humor and his persistence in helping his students understand a difficult concept. When asked, his students say, "Mr. Vliet is an extremely nice man. He is a talented teacher who is a walking, talking history channel. He is a wonderful man!" At Hope School the parents, his colleagues, and the school community couldn’t agree more. After 39 years in education, the Hope School Community says thank you and wishes Mr. Vliet good health, much happiness, and new things to learn about when he retires from Hope School in June.

Alfred J. Annunziata