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2005-06 Colleen Makarevich

Hope Township School would like to congratulate Mrs. Colleen Makarevich
as our 2005-2006 Teacher of the Year!

School/District: Hope Township School
Education: Masters in Speech Language Pathology
Teaches: Speech & Language, Gr. PreK-8

When I graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 1991 with a degree in Speech Language Pathology, I had no idea of the journey that awaited me. I immediately found a job in a school district and worked on my Masters Degree, full-time, at night. Upon completion of my Masters, another door opened, yet one also closed. I was offered a challenging position in a rehabilitation hospital with adults. In an effort to round out my skills, I took the position and said goodbye to my first home away from home and the staff and children I had grown to love. Although I enjoyed this rewarding opportunity of working in an award winning facility, I really missed working with children. When I entered the public school system again in 1994, I was very excited to be working with children again. I was beginning to realize though that my journey continued to involve choices. My first priority was to be home with my children, so the birth of my son brought upon another closing door in my career, but a door that opened my heart to an unimaginable world of love and learning. Motherhood has truly been a life changing experience, and in a way, my career has been also. Each step along the way has made me a better person, better mother and a better colleague.

The latest step of my journey began about 5 years ago, when I handed my resume into Hope School. Going back to work and putting both of my children on the bus together for the first time, were two very emotional events. The faculty and staff treated me with kindness and compassion as if they knew how I was feeling each day. My aspirations of being a good mother and the best Speech/Language Specialist I could be, didn’t always agree with each other. Yet, these past 5 years have been some of the most rewarding of my career. My experiences as a parent have helped me tremendously in my career. My love for my profession has enabled me to accomplish my goals for the speech/language program at Hope School.

In closing, I would like to thank the administration. Their support of my program has been outstanding. It is an honor to work with the faculty and staff at Hope School.

Colleen Makarevich

Mrs. Colleen Makarevich has served students at Hope Township School for the past 5 years as the Speech and Language Therapist. The impact of her work at Hope School far exceeds her service as a Speech and Language Therapist. I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Mrs. Makarevich for the past four years. She is truly a consummate professional. Her primary goal is to help students with speech and language needs and to support their academic success. She takes this mission to heart and is extremely dedicated to her students’ progress. Mrs. Makarevich personalizes activities for students that require individualized therapy and is equally successful with students in group settings.

During the past few years, Mrs. Makarevich has developed an outstanding rapport with her colleagues. She frequently visits students in their language arts classroom and co-teaches with the regular classroom teacher. This past year Mrs. Makarevich has designed and implemented a co-therapy plan with the Occupational Therapist for PSD students. This has been a very beneficial technique to address student needs during an extended time.

Mrs. Makarevich has successfully completed the past three years as an excellent chairperson for the Hope Professional Development Committee. Her leadership has inspired a high quality Professional Development Plan for Hope teachers and a new teacher mentoring plan for our new staff.

Mrs. Makarevich has developed an open and direct relationship with her students and their parents. She is regarded as an excellent communicator and a resource to parents and staff. She is a caring case manager for students and works exceptionally well with members of the CST and administration. Her positive approach, innovative ideas,

"can do" attitude and organizational skills have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and this superintendent. I am extremely proud that Mrs. Makarevich represents Hope Township School. She truly is our Hope Teacher of the Year in every sense of this well deserved title.

Alfred J. Annunziata