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2007-08 Robert Kish

Hope Township School would like to congratulate Mr. Robert Kish
as our 2007-2008 Teacher of the Year!

School/District:  Hope Township School
Education:  Bachelor of Arts, Rider University, 
                 Masters of Education, East Stroudsburg University
Teaches:  Gr. 5 -8 Social Studies and Gr. 5 Math

"In my 30 plus year career in the Hope Township school system, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of grade levels and subject areas.  I have worked with students from grades three through eight, predominantly in mathematics.  Recently, I have been instructing fifth grade math and social studies and grades 6 through 8 social studies.  I also have taught mathematics to adults in night school.

I have also been involved in many extra-curricular activities throughout my tenure.  I have coached several sports, served as eighth grade advisor, advised safety patrol, student government, and am currently providing after school math support for grades 3-5 and math enrichment for grades 3-5.  I have also been actively involved in curriculum development and revision.  In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and spending time with my 2 grandchildren.

My time in Hope has been very enjoyable.  I believe that every child has something positive to contribute to the class.  I have tried to create a learning atmosphere where students are confident and comfortable.  Expectations are set at a high level.  I try to present material so that it is immediately relevant to the students, and so they can see how one subject integrates with another.  I also believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience.  If learning is fun, then students will continue to be motivated.

As an educator, there is no better feeling than receiving a letter or a visit from a former student and knowing that the education they received from Hope School has given him or her a solid foundation for their success.

It has been a pleasure working with the administration, faculty, students and the community of Hope Township."

 - Bob Kish

Mr. Robert Kish is the most senior teacher and employee at Hope School. In his more than 35 years at Hope School, he has served in a professional manner in many different capacities. Teacher, advisor, and coach are all roles he has filled for Hope School Community over the past 4 decades. Currently Mr. Kish teaches grades 5-8 social studies and grade 5 mathematics. I appreciate Mr. Kish’s versatility as our school needed a middle school social studies teacher in 2006-07. Since Mr. Kish was highly qualified in social studies, he became the logical choice. After teaching math and social studies for many years in grades 5 and 6, Mr. Kish dedicated himself to develop lessons from our new social studies for grades 7 and 8.

Mr. Kish has also served this year instructing in two after school programs, “Ask the Math Teacher”, a weekly instructional support session for grades 3-5 students and “Math Unlimited”, a gifted program for grades 3 and 4 students. Students enjoy their time with Mr. Kish as he finds ways to make learning fun.

Mr. Kish is well liked and respected at Hope School. His colleagues regularly seek him out for advice and consultation. Our students enjoy his lessons as he incorporates learning through interesting facts and related concepts. He engages students in activities to construct or develop projects. Last year he helped sponsor the Hope Township Government Day in which grade 8 students learned about and assumed the roles of township officials.

Mr. Kish offers a relaxed and easy going nature that students respond well to in and out of the classroom. His classes are well managed and students are provided with multiple opportunities to contribute. High School students and graduates often return to visit Mr. Kish and share their experiences which include gratitude for having been a former student.

As an administrator, I am fortunate to serve with Mr. Kish on our staff. He is a pleasure to work with each day. It is reassuring to be able to count on Mr. Kish as a veteran presence who contributes to the positive learning culture at Hope School and genuinely cares about the students he teaches.

Al Annunziata, Superintendent/Principal of Hope School