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Title Name Email 908-459-4242
    Chief School Administrator Mr. Kevin Newman knewman@hope-elem.org x 221
     Principal Mr Kevin Newman knewman@hope-elem.org x 221
Main Office Staff      
      Administrative Assistant/ BA and CSA Ms. Sue Watters      swatters@hope-elem.org x 229
     CSAl / CST/School Ms. Jennifer DeYong    jdeyong@hope-elem.org x 221
Board of Education Office
     School Business Administrator Mr. Andrew Italiano aitaliano@hope-elem.org x230
 Administrative Assistant/ BA and CSA Ms. Susan Watters swatters@hope-elem.org x229
School Nurse      

School Nurse/Health

Ms.Cindy Conklin cconklin@hope-elem.org x227
     Pre-K Ms. Amy Caputo acaputo@hope-elem.org x339
    Kindergarten Ms. Megan Gecek mgecek@hope-elem.org x329
     First Grade Ms. Cathy Trotter ctrotter@hope-elem.org x316
     Second Grade Ms. Jessica Gwynn jgwynn@hope-elem.org x312
Third Grade Ms. Nicolle Siebens nsiebens@hope-elem.org  x331
     Fourth Grade Ms.Tonya Sisto tsisto@hope-elem.org x324
  Fifth Grade Ms. Lianne Markus lmarkus@hope-elem.org x330
Sixth - Eighth Grade Team
    Science (5-8) Ms. Jessica Catania jcatania@hope-elem.org x313
     Language Arts (6-8) Ms. Jennifer Encin jencin@hope-elem.org x305
     Mathematics (6-8) Mr. Brian Grennan bgrennan@hope-elem.org x302
     Langauge Arts (6-8)
     Social Studies (6-8)
Ms. Sharon Rockenfeller srockenfeller@hope-elem.org x313
Child Study Team / Special Education
    CST Director Ms. Ryanne Bigelli rbigelli@belvideresd.org x314

    School Social Worker/PS-8 Case Manager/School Psychologist

Ms. Kathryn Wilk kwilk@belvideresd.org x225


Speech/Language Therapist & Speech Only Case Manager Ms Megan Frutchey mfrutchey@belvideresd.org



Occupational Therapist Ms. Sara Osmun sosmun@belvideresd.org


Occupational Therapist Ashley Salsano asalsano@belvideresd.org  
Physical Therapy J&B Therapy    
Special Areas
     Art Ms. Tracy Sheldon tsheldon@hope-elem.org 301
Media Specialist/Computer Science  Ms. Susan Martino smartino@hope-elem.org 334
 World Language/Spanish Ms. Alejandra Contreras acontreras@hope-elem.org  
Physical Education /Health    Mr. Garrett Sassaman gsassaman@hope-elem.org 311
 Music Ms. Caitlyn Scrimo cscrimo@hope-elem.org 249
Special Education Instructors
    MD Classroom Ms Sarah Mackey smackey@hope-elem.org 338
    Resource Room Ms. Lindsay Williams lwilliams@hope-elem.org  323
   Resource Room Ms Sharon Rockenfeller srockenfeller@hope-elem.org 313
Resource Room/In Class Support Ms Nicola Hall nhall@hope-elem.org 319
LLD Ms. Kristin Patrick kpatrick@hope-elem.org  
     RTI, I&RS, Section 504 Coordinator Ms Tammy Green tgreen@hope-elem.org x317
Special Education Classroom Paraprofessionals
  Ms. Shelly Woodward swoodward@hope-elem.org  
  Ms. Alyssa Adamsky aadamsky@hope-elem.org  
  Ms.Carol Napurano cnapurano@hope-elem.org  
  Ms. Shealee Auletta sauletta@hope-elem.org  
  Ms. Nicole Anarumo nanarumo@hope-elem.org  
  Ms. Beth Mackey bmackey@hope-elem.org  
  Ms.Elizabeth Recenello  yrecenello@hope-elem.org  
  Ms Lauren Connelly lconnelly@hope-elem.org  
Support Staff
     Head Custodian Mr Honacy Beco hbeco@hope-elem.org 304
     Associate Custodian Mr. Mike Jablonski mjablonski@hope-elem.org 304
     Associate Custodian Ms. Mirna Horak mhorak@hope-elem.org 304