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Kindergarten Syllabus 2017 (pdf)
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Summer Activity Calendar Month of August 2017 incoming K (pdf)
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Kindergarten Calendar

Welcome to Kindergarten!



Mrs. Sisto


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 Welcome to Kindergarten!

Here are some exciting things we will be learning this year!


  • Letter recognition
  • Phonological awareness (syllables, rhyming words, sound discrimination)
  • Comprehension/Fluency
  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives
  • Sequence
  • Recalling details/retelling story


  • Sentence completion
  • Proper pencil grip
  • Handwriting (letter formation)
  • Spacing


  • Graphing and patterns
  • Time and money
  • Graphing and patterns
  • Time and money
  • Understanding addition and subtraction
  • Counting and number patterns to 100


Life Science

  • Plants, animals, our Earth, and weather
  • Physical Science

  • Matter, movement (motion)

Social Studies


  • Being a good citizen
  • Workers
  • Where We Live
  • Time Goes By
  • Stories of the Past



*Louie needs to come back to school on Monday!

*Please pack a healthy snack daily!

*Check your child’s folder every day!


What you can do to help…


· Please look at a calendar with your child and review the days of the week.

· Ask your child to sing the “Days of the Week” song that we practice in class.

· Have your child count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Explain the value of each coin. “A penny is worth one cent.”


Language Arts-Reading and Writing

· Make words using word families.

· Practice reading (applying phonics) each night. www.starfall.com

· Look for familiar words in your environment.

· Label household items, such as, computer, clock, door, window, etc. Continued exposure to words will guide your child’s reading success!

· Practice handwriting! www.handwritingworksheets.com

· Practice forming sentences-use index cards: write one word on each card and mix the cards up. Have your child put the sentence together: The dog is black. The cat is orange.


Fine Motor Skills:

· Work with play-doh or clay

· Lacing cards

· Clothes Pins-have children use clothes pins to pick up pom-poms or cotton balls. *You can also use tongs for this activity.

· Cutting-practice cutting shapes, lines, etc.

· Color-use crayons, colored pencils, etc. to color pictures!


Large Motor Skills:

· Painting, drawing, writing (standing up) on an easel.

· Running and jumping.

· Throwing a ball-playing catch.

· Climbing on outdoor playground equipment.




Things to do.....

ü Please work with your child and practice tying shoes!

ü Check folder daily!

ü No glass bottles-pack a healthy snack daily!

ü Guide your child with homework-don’t do it for him/her.

ü Review sight words-hunt for sight words in books!


Sight Words: 

Please click on the sight word link.


Word families:

-at    -an     -ig    -ug     -op      -ap

cat    pan   pig    bug    cop     cap

rat     man  wig    mug   hop    nap

hat    can   dig     hug    top     tap

*Practice making words using word families!!!

*We will work with other word families in addition to the provided list above-please look for “mini” books, created by your child, to be sent home.

*Please read and review the books your child makes in class.


Helpful Websites: