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Social Studies
Mrs. Rockenfeller
Social Studies gr 8 Syllabus 2019-2020 (pdf)
Social Studies gr 7 Syllabus 2019-2020 (pdf)
Grade 6-8 supply list.docx (docx)


Amazing World of Social Studies


Grades 6-8

Mrs. Rockenfeller

     e-mail: srockenfeller@hope-elem.org

Phone 908/459-4242


Supply List: three- ring binder (can be shared with another subject rea); post-its; highlighters; loose leaf paper; two-pocket folder; pens; "open-mind" 


World History: Ancient Civilizations

Grade 6 Social Studies

Our first unit of study in this textbook focuses on Early Humans and Societies. We begin our year learning how understanding history comes from a variety of sources—historians, archaeologist and geologists. Students will also have the opportunity to review and further develop their skills using a variety of maps to discover how location and natural elements either aided or hindered a group of people. Therefore as a class we have learned to become detectives—looking for clues which can help explain our past. This unit will provide the students an opportunity to follow and explore the path that early humans traveled to form a variety of societies found in early civilizations. During the first marking period the students will look at the people who lived in not only the Stone Age, but the following river valley civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush achieved accomplishments which allowed future civilizations to develop more.





Grade 7 Social Studies

United States History: Beginnings to 1877




To begin our unit of study, we will look at how the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations gave the western world many ideas and innovations to move forward. Our first focus as we look at “beginnings” of American history is to explore how and why Europeans wanted to explore a “new world”.  We will begin by reviewing the Renaissance period in Europe and how the “rebirth” of secular knowledge spearheaded the interest of developing a trade route to the West Indies. The students will also investigate the concept of slavery and its use in Africa.


As the students work through the different European countries exploration of a “New World”, they will discover how each explorer opened a new door for the next. The students will investigate how the concept of “slavery” was used in different colonies throughout the New World.  Once England embarks on colonizing North America, the students will explore how an individual identity developed as an “American” began to circumvent being a “British citizen”.


A very useful tool is the parent portal. Both students and parents can view homework, access grades and see upcoming quizzes and assessments.





Grade 8:Civics in Practice

Principles of Government and Economics

As we approach the end of the first marking period, the students will begin to explore the roles and responsibilities of federal government and how these roles and responsibilities work at a state and local level. We have just finished analyzing the Declaration of Independence and placing this document in our own words. By understanding the importance our founding fathers placed on the fact that government should protect human rights, the students have learned about the weaknesses established in our first form of government, The Articles of Confederation. The students will now be investigating the framework of the United States Constitution and how this document has be able “to stand the test of time”.


This social studies book is available on-line and the 8th grade students have been given a password to access the on-line textbook. Another useful tool is the parent portal. Both students and parents can view homework, access grades and see upcoming quizzes and assessments.