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Welcome to Mrs. Cagnassola's Music Room


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Mrs. Jennifer Cagnassola
Phone number: (908) 459-4242 ext. 335
E-mail: jcagnassola@hope-elem.org

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”  - Plato

Music is an integral part of the development and the education of all children.  Incorporating creativity through music, throughout a child’s day, in a positive atmosphere, will allow all students to excel beyond their wildest dreams.   Music class, at Hope School, will align with the NJ Core Curriculum Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts through; singing, playing a variety of instruments, listening, improvisation, composing, and performing.

          I am here to help our students find joy through their music experience, at Hope.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at jcagnassola@hope-elem.org, or (908) 459-4242 ext. 335

Music Syllabus 2019-2020

Pre-K – 2nd grade

Music classes will focus on the concepts of steady beat, rhythm, dynamics, instruments, and form.  These concepts will be taught through singing, listening, movement, learning music stations, and games. 

Pre-K – 2nd grade will perform in the Winter Concert in December.

3rd Grade

Music classes will begin to expand musical vocabulary and concepts taught in previous grades.  Note reading, rhythm recognition, and 2 part singing will be taught throughout the year, as well as the addition of learning to play soprano recorders, the second half of the year.  World music will be infused into the curriculum as well as folk music and patriotic music of the United States. 

3rd grade will perform, as a class, at the Spring Concert.

I am preparing to offer chorus, as an extra-curricular activity for grades 3-4, during the fall. These students who wish to join, will perform at the Winter Concert.

4th and 5th grade

Music reading and notation will be taught in conjunction with playing various classroom rhythm and pitched instruments.  Both grade levels will be continuing with the concept of melody and harmony though 2-part singing, using rounds, partner singing, and 2-part score reading.  4th grade learn about tone color, acoustics, and families of instruments, with a culmination of creating their own musical instruments.  5th grade will use rhythm, notation, and dictation and incorporate these concepts in a “bucket drumming” unit. World Music will be infused into the curriculum as well as patriotic music of the United States. 

 4th and 5th grade will perform, as a class, in the Spring Concert.

6th grade/ 7th Grade

Students will show an understanding of the Elements of Music; timbre, instrumentation, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, texture, and dynamics.  They will accomplish this through score reading, rhythmic notation, composing, studying famous composers and musicians, listening, and performing.  A culmination of the year will be a unit in learning to play handbells. 

6th grade will perform at the Spring Concert.

7th grade will perform at the 8th grade promotion.

8th Grade

Students will continue to work with the elements of music through score reading, vocal music, instrumental music, music scores in movies, rhythmic reading, and composing with the application, “Garage Band”.  Students will be introduced to the history of Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Pop, and Musical Theater.




Class Assessments

Class Work










Quizzes        2-3 per MP

Projects        2-3 per MP




Chorus will start at the end of September and this group will be a part of the rotating Instrumental Band Schedule.  Any student, grades 5-8, who has played an instrument and wishes to play that same instrument, will play at the Winter concert.  Beginner students will who wish to join this group can sign up in the music room.  This group will perform in both the Winter and Spring Concert.

A 3rd-4th grade chorus is in the works.  Any students interested in joining, please see me.  This will be an extra-curricular chorus that will perform at the Winter Concert.

Band/Instrumental lessons

Band will be offered to students in grades 4-8.  Beginner students, grade 4, will be able to choose an instrument; flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.  Instrument rental is through Hunterdon Music.  Beginner instrumentalists will play in the Spring Concert only.   Grades 5-8 students, who have played the same instrument, from the year prior, will be participating in both the Winter and Spring Concert. 

Lessons/Band will be a part of a rotating lesson schedule Mon-Wed. on a ½ hour cycle.  The students will not be taken out of the same time more than once a month.

Here is to a great year filled with beautiful music!